In My Father Arms

It feels good, I feel at peace and I feel clothed in strength and dignity and that I can smile at the future (Proverbs 31:25). I longed for my Fathers comfort but I was too ashamed to come to Him. He has been calling me to come to Him and when I wouldn’t come he […]

God Alone

  God has been speaking to me all day about letting go of the past, grace, and forgiveness, literally since the beginning of my day. After work, I was speaking to my best friend and sister in Christ who “randomly” called me, and I automatically recognized it was God. I told her that while I […]

The Gift

  Rejection you are the reflection of my position with you, you tell me that in this season we are in opposition and this estrangement is proof. I lie about how you make me feel because I rather not face the truth, That In your absence I’m waiting for you to be and feel approved. […]