A part of me wants to pull you close and never let go Yet the other part is constrained by emotions I try not to show But it’s killing me slowly so I have to confess I have endured long enough and you can’t even tell This isn’t an escape but a bail I gave […]

Tuesday June 23, 1964

Sunday June 23, 2019 makes my mother 55 years of age. And she is still so young, beautiful and vibrant. Her humor and laughter so captivating, her heart is made of gold. She is a sweet and gentle woman yet full of strength. Proverbs 31 does her no justice but it is the closest to […]

Ephesians 5:25

The words “this is bigger than you” left his lips and attacked my heart and my heart sunk to the pit of my stomach. He argued that he felt led by God to help single mothers, that it is his ministry which began to have issues arise in the dating relationship. I argued not only […]

Love Life Love Like

A few years ago my best friend made a comment towards my love life. He stated “ you are looking for a man who is Jesus reincarnated and you will never get that”. I now realize just how accurate his statement was. No man can love me this way no one. Still a sad reality […]


When someone has offended us whether through an illegal act, insult, sin against us we then for that moment forget we are no better than that person. Since we forget we are no better then for that moment we give ourselves the permission to slander, hate and not to forgive. I believe the enemy loves […]